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The Top 10 Most Dangerous US States for Families Targeted by CPS... And why.

Posted by Diane Vigil on August 20, 2019 at 7:15 PM

I just did a little study on the current state of Child Welfare in all 50 states. I sort of took a snap shot in a notebook, of what has been the most recent issues brought up on Legally Kidnapped. Based on that, I was able to identified certain trends, such as what are the major child welfare concerns in any given state on this particular day, September 20th 2015. Based on that analysis and the information collected, I give you this list of the Top 10 Most Dangerous US States for Families Targeted by CPS.


This list could of course change at any given time. Each of the state names and numbers is a clickable link that will bring you to the feed for that particular state. This is a list based on the most current events over the last few months.


Number 10: Kansas


Kansas is a mess. Lawmakers are looking into it and unable to figure out what to do. With low educational requirements for CPS Agents and unlicensed investigators. There is lots of abuse in foster care and parents suing the state because of that and unwarranted removals. Click on the link above to see what's going on.


Number 9: Maine


Maine has seen a sharp increase in the number of child snatching's over the last few years because being a national model wasn't good enough, leading to a recruitment campaign from the top down regarding a desperate need for new homes. Parents are trying to sue DHHS for not informing them of an ongoing child abuse investigation at their childrens daycare, and Maine's Indian tribes are accusing CPS of cultural genocide and abuse in foster care. Maine is also in the bottom 10% when it come to returning kids to their parents.


Number 8: South Carolina


With accusations of failures to investigate child abuse, and overwhelmed CPS Agents. Cover-up's of child abuse at group homes, a class action lawsuit by the New York based child advocacy group Childrens Rights, and foster kids staying in Motel Rooms. South Carolina was a shoe in for the list.


Number 7: Rhode Island


Rhode Island makes the list thanks to investigations of fraud into child welfare agencies, lots of abuse in the foster care system, spikes in the number of kids in care and too many of them being warehoused in group homes. Rhode Island's child welfare system is in a total state to chaos.


Number 6: Pennsylvania


Pennsylvania makes the list thanks to the complete over-reaction to the Jerry Sandusky case, which has brought about a sort of child abuse hysteria and knee jerk legislation that is unique to that state. Schools and child centered organizations are loosing volunteers due to stringent background check requirements, and mandated reporter laws are intense. There is also lots of abuse in the states foster care system.


Number 5: Florida


With high rates of children aging out of foster care, kids sleeping in CPS offices and motel rooms, violence in juvenile detention facilities, shortages of foster homes, and lots of failure to protect cases, Florida has certainly been an interesting state to watch.


Number 4: Texas


Texas has a knack for placing foster children in homes where they are murdered. They also take lots and lots of kids while providing little in terms of preventative services. CPS Agents are also known for evidence tampering.


Number 3: Vermont


Vermont is on a total child snatching spree, with record numbers of kids in foster care. The sudden spike is due to panicky workers who are over-reacting to two child deaths. CPS Agents are also in panic mode after one of them was recently shot and killed by a pissed off parent. Parents with disabilities are routinely targeted for having their kids removed and the media is right up their assses, analyzing every little move they make. It's better to be safe than sorry. Vermont is a very scary state for families right now.


Number 2: Arizona


Arizona is arguably the state where you are most likely to loose your child to CPS. It was a tough decision between this and the number one spot. Arizona's child welfare system is plagued with shortages of foster homes, and tons of frivolous child snatchings. Still they react more and more every-time a kid falls through the cracks, but just can't figure out that sending their worker out on wild goose chases takes up too much time so they can't focus on the real abuse cases. Therefore they just keep taking more and more kids and packing them into wherever they can fit them. Often more dangerous than their homes.


And the number one most dangerous state for families targeted by CPS in United States at this point in time is....



Number 1: Massachusetts


Massachusetts is in a total state of child abuse hysteria, over-reacting to lots and lots of failure to protect cases where children, both in foster care and while under CPS watch in their homes are being abused, killed, left on the side of the road, and turning up dead in trash bags on the beach. Panicky CPS Agents have crisis level work loads, an ever increasing number of child removals with a lack of adequate homes to put them in. Lots of systematic failures and unstable leadership. It was a tough call between this state and Arizona for the number one spot, but the fact that the Massachusetts Child Welfare System is the worlds biggest media circus right now makes it the clear winner.


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