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Hi, just wondering if anybody can give me some ideas of what to do (better) on my supervised visits with a troubled teen.

I am a mom of a 13 year old boy. We have 3 hours to spend together, 2pm to 5pm, being observed by a CPS superviser. I live in Italy, I'm Canadian(English speaking), and my son, born here, and out of my care/custody since 2008, speaks Italian (and English, but as the YEARS go by his English is getting worse and worse.) On our visits, we speak a mix of Italian and English...and clarify in both languages

.His dad died of AIDS with MPL (the child was exposed to domestic violence and abuse posed on me the mother, and we lived unknowingly with a clinically crazy father ) in 2008.He just found out "how" his father died (uncerimoniously,when the new Foster carer blurted it out Jan 1st). No court dreed CPS appointed child shrink has been appointed to date.(decree was in July 2011). So this means my son has no propper councelling to deal with his emotions(although CPS argues that he gets lots of support in other ways)

Sometimes we go out for lunch, and maybe poke around a mall, buy things he needs, and that seems ok.

When at my home, I prepare a late lunch, for 3 ( yes, I feed the CPS worker too), and then we watch TV, go on the internet together, he goofs around on the guitar, we play boardgames, or he roots around the house looking for/at things. Our discussions , are well.....nil or next to nil. He avoids any deep discussions, and seems to be acting out on these visits.The last 2 visits he keeps telling me "I'm going to join the army when I'm big, and I'm gonna go to war!!!" gesturing shooting and making the RATAARATATATATATATATTATA noises. He needs help, any ideas.

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