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Prayer Requests

restoration of family

over a year ago by anonymous Pray for me
please pray for my three children and I, and their daddy. My younger two are together (praise the lord) the oldest is on his own, and their daddy is with his dhs councelor and addicted to drugs. The councelor abused my children, and I complained about them both. I have been fighting for my precious children for six years now. My daughter has lost hope, my youngest is very confused and my oldest needs his name cleared from the lies (as do I). Please pray that my children have their mummy back while they are yet children, before it is too late...


over a year ago by jackie r. Pray for me
I am trying to obtain a job and a home so that I can have my grandchildren returned to my care. Please pray for my family and all the families torn apart unjustly by cps and those who go without help because cps neglects them.

children returned

over a year ago by wendy lynn hager Pray for me
I am trying to obtain a home and a job for my children can be returned to me as soon as possible, my rights have been violated and I am asking please help me and ask god to send me through the right channels


over a year ago by Ellen Pray for me
If you're readnig this, you're all set, pardner!

Our Children

over a year ago by For all Parents across the nation Pray for me
To stop CPS corruption once and for all and all our children returned......